Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. (HTC) is the largest manufacturing enterprise of industrial steam turbines. HTC is the leading research and fabrication base of industrial steam turbines in PRC, the only company who can optimize the design and fabrication steam turbine for generation by block principle according to customers’ various requirements, With incorporating other design and manufacture technology from Siemens and other domestic and foreign companies, HTC achieved success in combining introduced technology and independent innovation by research, development and technical innovation. HTC product is in accord with advanced international standards, e.g. DIN, IEC, ISO, NEMA and etc.

HTC has complete technology on design and fabrication of single casing or multi-casing steam turbine. We can fabricate various steam turbine with power output ranged from 3MW to 150MW at 50Hz or 60Hz, including backpressure type, condensing type, extraction backpressure type, extraction condensing type, extraction inducting condensing type and double casing-reheat condensing type for power generation.

JCM trading company acts as a global partner and deals with machinery maintenance, equipment, spare parts from OEMs and Non-OEMs at a discounted price.

JCM China office address:

No. 11 Road 1, Dong Zhou Industrial Zone Hangzhou, China

To strengthen our own identity and to avoid any mistaken identity with other companies in the industry we have changed our company logo and colours. The positive feedback we have received from our customers on the SMM shows that this has been the right step for CMT and our future endeavors.
Established in 2003, CM Technologies has grown into a leading global provider of condition monitoring and testing technology solutions. As an expert in machinery condition monitoring, fuel and lube oil analysis and marine water testing, we pride ourselves on our record of investment and commitment to developing our talented workforce to create innovative technology solutions that make a real difference to our customers’ operations.
Strategic partnerships with leading industry organizations including MAN and Wartsila are testament to our market-leading capability. As a long-time condition monitoring technology provider to these partners, they have come to rely upon CMT’s ability to research, develop and manufacture innovative condition monitoring technology solutions that offer consistent results.
CM Technologies GmbH, started under the name Kittiwake GmbH, have recorded impressive growth in the last fiscal year. These strong figures were supported by continued growth across our global network, and underpinned by continued and successful product innovation in the area of condition monitoring.
We see the offshore oil and gas markets as key for future growth, as well as significantly investing in research and development to increase and improve our range of products for the marine and related industries. It is clear that amid fluctuating fuel costs and economic uncertainty, assuring reliability and durability can result in huge cost savings, and CMT continues to play a critical role in achieving this. With continued expertise and ingenuity from our dedicated workforce around the world, we expect to continue to grow substantially in the following years.

Our mission is to disseminate practical information on evaluating the behavior and condition of machinery without commercial interest.
At the Vibration Institute, our mission is to disseminate practical information on evaluating the behavior and condition of machinery without commercial interest.
The Institute offers a variety of programs, including education, training, certification, and opportunities for technical knowledge exchange. Our members share information, procedures, and cutting-edge data through formal training, networking, meetings, and publications.
If you would like to join our network of esteemed colleagues, improve your skills, and expand your education in the study of machine vibrations, get in touch and get started as a member.

With HEC’s foreign faculty program, we have a significant number of specialized teaching staff at IST who have brought home with them years of experience abroad.

Our aim is to provide the state-of-the-art training facilities that will enable our students to acquire hands-on experience, an acute requirement in the professional world. With that in mind, our notable achievements over the past year have been the up gradation of the experiment and research facilities. Equipment like subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels have been set-up. IT facilities have been further enhanced with the addition of high-end-servers and broad band internet accessibility.

During your stay with us, you will meet intellectual challenges, develop invigorating ideas and brace tough competition. Let IST foster you to become a leader.